Our Core Values.

Passion for Media, Power of the Individual, Freedom of Speech and the Commitment of a Family Company.

Our core values are a guarantee for our unique and diverse business operations' freedom and independence. They capture the values that have shaped Bonnier's history and that we believe will continue to drive Bonnier forward.

Passion for Media

Passion for MediaOur publishing vocation relies on:

  • A commitment to creating, selecting and refining media content
  • A consistent focus on informing, enlightening, entertaining, and provoking
  • A belief in the creative potential of expertise in multiple media
  • The ambition to create media products that involve audiences and inspire engagement


Freedom of Speech

Freedom of SpeechOur commitment to freedom of speech means:

  • A strong belief in a pluralistic media landscape
  • A commitment to protect the editorial voice from commercial and political interests and the courage to publish controversial media content
  • The will to provide open media channels for many individual voices
  • Relentless support for journalists and individuals who fight for freedom of speech throughout the world


Power of the Individual

Power of the IndividualOur belief in the power of the individual is characterized by:

  • Trust in the opinions, skills and judgment of individuals
  • A belief in the transformational power of creativity
  • A willingness to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and to foster innovative approaches to long-term growth
  • An openness toward non-hierarchical discussions and networks of discourse
  • A guarantee for the freedom and independence of our unique and diverse business operations


Commitment of a Family Company


Commitment of a Family CompanyThe commitment of a family company is demonstrated by:

  • A focus on sustainable growth
  • A family commitment to ethics, integrity and loyalty
  • A dedication to strengthen the company for following generations
  • A firm devotion toward using our roots as a compass for the future
  • A sincere respect for long-term consequences and for the environment in which we operate

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