Information on Bonnier's processing of personal data in Sweden.

Here at you’ll find complete and updated information on how personal data is processed by the companies and brands within the Bonnier group in Sweden.

Where reference is made to the website in connection with conditions for purchase, ordering or registering, the information on this site is part of those conditions.

For certain products and services offered by companies within the Bonnier group, special conditions may apply regarding the processing of personal data. Information on this is provided in conjunction with the product or service. For Bonnier companies outside Sweden, those conditions apply that are relevant to the specific country.

The parent company is Bonnier AB, with Swedish registration number 556508-3663. The Bonnier group works within the media industry. The companies that are part of the group can be found on the Companies & Brands page at In the text below, the name Bonnier is used to denote the group and its subsidiaries.

Processing of Personal Data

When a user provides personal data, for example when registering, subscribing or buying a product, the user shall receive information on the processing of personal data and give their consent to such processing.

Bonnier companies share customers’ and users’ personal data within the group.

Bonnier AB keeps a record of the group’s customers and users who have registered for or bought something from Bonnier. The records include personal data such as name, tax number, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, delivery, payment and purchasing information, profile based on address as well as information based on use of digital services.

The information is used by Bonnier for invoicing, information and delivery of products, as well as for marketing and as a base for statistics and product development. The information can be used by Bonnier, and Bonnier’s partners where appropriate, to customize content, advertising and commercial offers.

The information is analyzed and grouped for use in the selection, prioritization and planning of contact with customers and users. Connected to the information are one or several markers on what type of customization of web services and marketing communication have been directed toward the user, commonly referred to as profiling.

Bonnier’s customers and registered users give their consent to marketing that can be carried out via mail, telephone, e-mail or text message as well as other digital channels. Marketing via e-mail and text messaging is regulated by the Swedish Marketing Act.

Personal data may be disclosed to Bonnier’s partners. Personal data is disclosed to government authorities only when required by law or official order.

All users have the right without charge to withdraw their consent, request corrections or removal of incorrect information or in writing request a copy of their personal data undergoing processing. Such copies may also be requested from Bonnier subsidiaries, where detailed information can be found about individual’s subscriptions and memberships.

Individuals can also request that their personal data not be used for direct marketing purposes.

Personal data is stored for the duration of time an individual has an active user relationship with Bonnier and for a period following, or according to the consent agreement. Consent is valid until the user terminates it, and is not dependent on use of the service, nor is the consent dependent on actual purchase of products.

About Cookies

Bonnier uses cookies and other similar technology to understand how Bonnier’s digital services are used and in order to customize the user experience.

Cookies consist of small text files and are a commonly used tool on the Internet. Cookie files are read and stored by web browsers when users visit web sites. Bonnier’s customers and registered users consent to the use of cookies.

The user can use the settings in their web browsers to block cookies and can remove existing cookies. This can in some cases impair the experience and functioning of a website. Read more about cookies at

It is also possible to control the customization of advertising in the web browser, read more at


It is best to contact customer service for the respective Bonnier product or service – see the respective product information. Customer service contacts for many of the most used products and services are available here.

The text at and how we handle personal data can change over time. While Bonnier notifies users of significant changes, regular visits to for the current version are recommended.

Bonnier’s personal data representative can be contacted via post at:

Personuppgiftsombudet, Bonnier AB, 11390 Stockholm.

Last changed: 2016-06-07

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