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  • Entrepreneurial:
    Björn Jeffrey

    Daring to pursue new opportunities and being committed to their success.

    Björn Jeffery, Founder of Toca Boca

  • Personalities:

    As an expression of our belief in the power of the individual, we have identified personality traits and characteristics that we value and encourage in our employees. 

  • Colorful:

    Welcoming people with strong personalities and unique perspectives who are passionate, loud and aware.

    Amelia Adamo, Swedish Magazine Queen

  • Opinionated:
    Nikki Sørensen

    Having a determined will and an independent and vigorous mind.

    Nikki Sørensen, Digital Media Manager, SF Media, Denmark

  • Skillful:
    David Ginsberg

    Being confident in our knowledge and professional experience.

    David Ginsberg, Integrated Account Manager, Bonnier Corp., U.S.

  • Curious:

    Being open to new ideas and becoming explorers of the unknown.

    Frances Mae Lintag, Treasury Analyst, Bonnier AB, Sweden

Digital Developer or Publisher.

Every step matters on the way to a good story.


Our vision is to continuously reinvent media. To do that we need the best talent, the most creative minds and the most driven spirits.

Reinventing media is as much about groundbreaking journalism as it is about digital development, engineering, sales and marketing. Be it a digital developer or an editor-in-chief, we know that every person at every step matters on the way to a good story.

The ever-changing media landscape calls for organizations fast on their feet and people who never stop learning. Our goal is for the diversity of our products and our customers to be reflected in the people we hire. Discover what our people bring to life and what you could be a part of. Bonnier Companies & Brands.

Career Development.

Working at Bonnier opens up a world of possibilities.


Popular Employer.

Bonnier, Bonnierförlagen and TV4 rank high in corporate branding expert Universum's list of top employers in Sweden.



Leave your suit at home and bring your heart and mind – GRID is much more than your average media conference. An inspiration conference unlike any other.

Bonnier Media University

Bonnier Media University.

Our corporate university, founded in 1990, taking the lead in developing, attracting and inspiring key people within Bonnier.

Bonnier Sales Awards

Bonnier Sales Awards.

Bonnier worldwide. Four categories. Over 30,000 euros in prizes.

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