Bonnier Media University.

Developing and inspiring key people and talent. 

Bonnier Media University is Bonnier’s corporate university, founded in 1990. Each year, over a thousand people take part in our activities.


Our aim is to create a common culture and sense of belonging to the Bonnier group.


Our goal is to spread Bonnier’s core values and reinforce them through every activity that we organize. All our work constitutes a reinforcement of the two main core values – power of the individual and freedom of speech. 

  • Entertain.

    To be creative, you need to have fun.

  • Educate.
    Viktig text

    New experiences lead to new insights.

  • Inspire.

    We want to constantly challenge people in new ways.

  • Network.

    Bonnier Media University is an arena for making connections.

What We Do.

Leadership training, events and awards.

Bonnier Media University’s role is to support our leaders and provide development for key people within Bonnier.

Programs include long-running leadership training courses, the tools-based Bonnier Innovation Program and the networking and knowledge exchange Bonnier Digital Forum.

We also arrange several important events, like the inspiration summit GRID and Bonnier Sales Awards at Stockholm City Hall.

As part of Bonnier´s commitment to journalism and freedom of speech, we organize the Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism each year.

More from Bonnier Media University.

Bonnier Digital Forum.

A day of networking and inspiration for select Bonnier employees.

Bonnier GRID.

Like TED talks, but for Bonnier employees exclusively. GRID is a unique event.

Talk to Us!

Contact Bonnier Media University.

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