Talent Management.

Our vision is to continuously reinvent media. That means we always need new ideas and new ways of doing things.

During the upcoming years, we will be looking for digital specialists who want to be part of the journey ahead of us. Everything from business developers to data analysts and software programming engineers. We like recent graduates as much as those with more experience. We are looking for people who are passionate about what they do, and want to turn their ideas into reality. Could your idea be the next Toca Boca? What is now one of the leading app developers for kids was started at Bonnier headquarters just a few years ago.

Bonnier has many initiatives where digital talent is key.

For example, the Bonnier Digital Forum.

At the Bonnier Digital Forum, employees working within digital areas from a range of Bonnier subsidiaries gather together to improve their skills and network across companies.

One of our core values is the ability of an individual to influence and change things. Bonnier offers the best of both worlds: companies with flat hierarchies and lots of opportunity to have an impact, combined with the support of a family-owned global media conglomerate that thinks in the long term.

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Passion for Media, Power of the Individual, Freedom of Speech and the Commitment of a Family Company.

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