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What is RSS?

Short for "Really Simple Syndication," RSS alerts you to a website's newest headlines and features. It requires a feed reader, which automatically updates whenever we publish new articles.

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RSS feed Press releases from Bonnier


How can I get Bonnier's RSS feed?

To create your own customized page where you can receive feeds from, you need a free RSS "aggregator" or reader software. Some readers run on your desktop and are as easy to use as common e-mail software, while others are web-based. Here are some popular reader options:

Online Services:

My Yahoo!






Sage (Firefox)


Live Bookmarks (Firefox)

Desktop applications:



NetNewsWire (for Macs)

What are the benefits of using our RSS feed?

Our feeds automatically update with up-to-the-minute content. Save yourself the time of checking back. With RSS, it'll come right to you!

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